Thursday, June 29, 2006

Th3rd World Site Now Online!

Click on the screen shot (above) to visit the Th3rd World site.

Yes, the Th3rd World website is now fully operational over at

In case you didn't already know (or maybe you've just forgotten or something) Leah and I have penned an 11 page story for the company's flagship series "Space Doubles" which has been expertly drawn by Jeremy Dale. The series doesn't have a definate release date yet but we know you're going to keep an eye on the site and find out for yourself as soon as we hit you with the creative credits thus far:
Mike Baron
Leah Moore & John Reppion
Mike Raicht
Andrew Dabb
Mark Andrew Smith Ben Raab & Deric Hughes
Jason Hall
Dwight MacPherson
Scott Closter
Justin Robinson

Ron Chan & Rich Ellis
Jeremy Dale
Alecia Rodriguez
Aneurin Wright
Pat Quinn Philip Schaufelberger
Evan Gauntt & Jesse Hansen
K.W. Mellon & Eduardo Herrera
Lee O'Conner
Matthew Huynh

Thomas Mauer (Letters)
Justin Robinson (Editor)

Cover Credits:
Khary Randolph (Escape Pod)
Andie Tong (Liberty Movement)
Doug Klauba (Saucer Full of Secrets)
Tom Carney (A.K.A)
Philip Schaufelberger (Everywhere I Look...Bugs!)
Alecia Rodriguez (Red Rain)

Keep watching the skies...


Monday, June 26, 2006

If A Job's Worth Doing...

Phew! This last month has been totally mental; we've been doing our annual (non writing) summer job whilst attending what seemed like an inordinate amount of weddings and assorted other occasions in a variety of far flung destinations.
Oh yeah, and we've been writing some comics too...
We turned in our second script for Dynamite Entertainment yesterday, only one week late (which isn't bad taking into account the aforementioned high octane busyness). Details of our first Dynamite series should be available very soon but, for now, our lips are sealed.

Albion #6 is due out in a little over three weeks time and from what we've seen of the artwork it should be an absolute corker! Thanks to everyone who's stuck with the series, we know that it's kind of a Marmite type situation but, to be honest, we always knew it would be. There's even talk of a trade...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lew Stringer's Brickman Is Back!

That's right, Brickman is back with a brand new, full colour strip in Richard Starkings' Elephantmen from Image Comics.

Issue one of Elephantmen looks fantastic and will arrive in stores in July, Lew's Brickman strip will debut in #2 which will be available in August priced $2.99.

A brand new comic starting next month and it's got Lew Stringer in it: maybe this is our chance to actually follow a book properly instead of just grabbing an issue here and there like we usually do. After all, who doesn't love Brickman?


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No, it's nothing like Myspace...honest

Yes, we've been sucked in to the latest fad that is The Comics Review Creator Community. Luckily though, the site actually looks like it might be cool place to meet other creators from around the world, exchange ideas and maybe even find work. Surley too good to be true? Why not check it out and find out for yourelf?

Click on the screenshot (above) to visit The Comics Review Creator Community. Posted by Picasa