Saturday, May 28, 2005

Still plowing through all those comics...

Yes, we still haven't finished reading everything we grabbed at Bristol (How long ago was that? What, really?) but here are the details of a few of them which you might like to check out yourself:

Sunny For Girls (£3.00)
Solar Wind/House Of Fright (£3.00)
OmniVistaScope (£?)

All of which are splendid and can be ordered at

Sancho's Last Case (£2.50)
The Early House (£1.00)

Irish supernatural comedy from

One Last Time (£2.50)

Graeme Neil Reid's collected work 1991-1999

Springheeled Jack III (£?)

Latest installment from Dave Hitchcock

Future Quake # 4 (£4.50)

The End Is Nigh #1 (£3.50)

Doomlord (£5.00)


Pony School (£2.00)


Mothman About The House (£0.50)

Oh, and volumes 1 & 2 of Strangehaven which are bloody amazing! (

I'm sure I've missed loads out...


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Albion #5 finished and Bristol Comic Expo photos.

Yeah, we finally put #5 to bed a few hours ago and we're just about to post an approval copy to Alan.

We had a fantastic time at Bristol over the weekend, spent far too much money on comics but that's the name of the game isn't it? We should have finished reading them all by the time next year's convention starts...

Apologies to anyone who's names we've spelt wrong/don't know below. Other nice people we met but forgot/failed to get pictures of include Mark Buckingham, John Freeman, Bryan Talbot and Chris Staros.


Michael Molcher and Bob the zombie. Posted by Hello

The man, the legend: Mr. Paul Scott. Posted by Hello

Graeme Neil Reid and David Hitchcock. Posted by Hello

Baz the editor. Posted by Hello

Gary Spencer Millidge. Posted by Hello

Misters Peter Nagle and Oliver Redding.
 Posted by Hello

"You didn't just take that did you?" Ian Whelan and Alan Nolan at the 20,000 Leagues table. Posted by Hello

The Accent UK lads hard at work. Posted by Hello

Leah with Al Davidson. Note fantastic unsolicited Janus Stark picture. Posted by Hello

Mr. Edward Berridge writer of Pony School Assassin and Richmond Clements of Futurequake fame. Posted by Hello

Michael Molcher on The End Is Nigh table. Posted by Hello

Dave Lloyd and Leah. Posted by Hello

Leah and Lew Stringer. Posted by Hello

James Peaty, Stuart, me and Neil Sumner. Posted by Hello

Andrew, me, Leah, Rian Hughes, James Peaty and Mr. International Hero himself Stuart AKA Loki. Posted by Hello

Andrew Sumner, Me and Leah in the Ramada Plaza bar. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The End Is Nigh Website Online

"THE END IS NIGH examines the latest predictions, the facts, the
figures, the myths and the magic of the end of the world. From
Biblical tales of the final battle at Armageddon, to modern fears of
asteroid strike, lethal plague or nuclear holocaust, THE END IS NIGH
is your guide through the Final Days ...

The website is regularly updated with the latest apocalyptic news and
will include more features and information as time goes on. Click on
the red headline on the main page for a special feature (IE only)."

Click on screenshot to visit the site. Posted by Hello


Shane Oakley's Albion.

We got another package of photocopied pages through from Shane the other day and he continues to astound and amaze us. There are so many rich visual references and so much detail, it's going to keep any self respecting UK comics fanboy drooling for many a happy hour.

It's no exaggeration to say that without Shane Albion would not exist.
Oakley was supposed to be doing a strip with Alan in Tomorrow Stories but that fell through so the pair we're looking for a project to collaborate on.
Shane had been sniffing round trying to find who owned the rights to all the old UK comic characters but thought he'd hit a dead end when he found out that IPC retains copywrite and is now a member of the AOL Time Warner corporation.
However, DC are also a part of AOL TW and so Alan had a word with Scott Dunbier and wrote a proposal for Albion. The proposal was accepted and we were offered the job of writing the whole thing.
So you see; without Shane Alan Moore wouldn't be involved and without Alan we wouldn't be involved.
I suppose it's possible that DC and IPC would have done the deal anyway and we might still be having a British Comics Revival plotted, written and drawn by different people...What a scary thought though eh?
Therefore: since he will be unable to attend this coming weekends Bristol Comics Expo due to his torturous work schedule, I propose we raise a glass to Shane Oakley the man who made Albion possible.

For more news about the Albion pre launch stuff happening this weekend check out:


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Absolute Promethea Petition

From furioso2012 on the Moore & Reppion messageboard (originally posted eslewhere):

"Hello All,
Me & my online co-conspirator Guido have set up a petition as a show of support for an Absolute Edition of Alan Moore & JH Williams III’s PROMETHEA. If we can get enough signatories, we’re hoping that the book will arrive sooner rather than (years) later. We have JHW3’s blessing in this venture.

So in the interest of summoning into existence such a fine and wonderful and possibly useful grimoire, here as follows is the petition link: Absolute Promethea Edition Petition if need be you can both support the project and state that you can’t buy it.

There are many cool Promethea-related links (NEW as of two days ago, for those of you who have already voted) on the petition site too!"

Click on the above image to visit the site and sign the petition. Posted by Hello


Friday, May 06, 2005

Bristol Comic Expo Albion Exclusives!!!

"EXpo EXclusive: Just-for-the-UK 24 page B&W ashcan of Albion #1 which will be given away at the close of the Albion panel.They won't be available at any other time or anywhere else.

Plus:1000 signature cards sporting Dave's cover for issue one to give
away throughout the show!"

Click on the screenshot for more info.Posted by Hello

Also, general good eggs Paul Scott & Michael Molcher have generously agreed to devote a small space on the Solar Wind/The End Is Nigh tables to flogging the Builth Balkan Crew CDs (featuring Alan Moore). Expo exclusives ahoy!

See you at Bristol! ;)