Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spanish interview with Alan Moore

Just to let you know, Raul Sastre has informed me that the interview they did with Alan Moore is now online.

click on the screenshot (above) to visit. Posted by Picasa

Or go to if you speak Spanish and have a look!

Also he informs me that Albion is set to get a Spanish edition sometime next year, which is great news!

On a slightly less thrilling note, if anyone has a Myspace account then drop by and show some love!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Jim Reaper Every Saturday!

Jim Reaper is Death's cousin's nephew's son; the only relative the Reaper can find to take care of the soul harvest whist he takes a well deserved holdiay. The only problem is that Jim is scared of his own shadow and his first week on the job may ultimately prove the destruction of his own immortal soul-- or worse.

Click on the screen shot (above) to visit the Jim Reaper website. Posted by Picasa

Created and written by our good mate Dwight MacPherson (the man responsible for Arcana's Dead men Tell No Tales) with brilliantly bouncy art by newcomer Mathieu Benoit, Jim Reaper is now starring in his own FREE weekly webstrip!

Visit now for the first three episodes and be sure to check back every Saturday from now on. You won't regret it.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Andrew Pepoy's Katy Keene

Yes, the ultra talented Andrew Pepoy (who we were lucky enough to work with on Wild Girl) has just landed himself the role of artist and writer for a new series of the classic Archie Comics character Katy Keene.

You can read an interview with Andrew at

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

MeCon 9 Report

Last weekend we traveled over to Belfast for the ninth annual MeCon Science fiction and fantasy convention and we had a brilliant time.

After getting settled in to our B&B we spent a very enjoyable evening in the venue bar taking part in the pub quiz (our team came dead middle, thus proving that we were intelligent but not geeky).

Leah's first panel was "Fantasy, the Modern Mythology?" at 11am. The attendance wasn't brilliant (it was a bit early after the night a lot of people had had before) but with people like Ken Macleod and Catie Murphy participating it went very well.

C. E. Murphy/Cate Demody

Our next panel wasn't until 2pm ("Comic Adaptations") so we went and hung about with the likes of Paul J. Holden, Darrk, Michael Carroll and the lovely Leonia (as you do).
Paul interviewed us for his "Notes From The Drawing Board" section on his website (see previous post) and Michael gave us a copy of his latest book The Quantum Prophecy - The New Heroes which we were chuffed to bits with. I can't remember if Bryan Coyle and his minder turned up on the Saturday or the Sunday now but, whenever it was, Paul Holden forced us all to do this...

To the EXTREME!!!

The comics panel went pretty well but we missed the "Physics of Sci-Fi Battles" panel (which was, apparently very good) because we were too busy sat gabbing with Darrk and drinking whilst struggling to repel wasps.

Started off with the charity coffee morning attended by ourselves and Pádraig and Deirdre (who had arrived late the previous night) amongst others.

At 1pm, after a few pints, we went off to watch the very interesting "Alien Aliens" panel featuring Ken Macleod, Hal Duncan and Ian McDonald.

Ken, Hal and Ian.

At 2pm we did a panel called "The Origins of the Species" which was essentially all about re-booting characters and fictional universes. We were up against a Doctor Who panel in the next room though...

3pm was "Bring them back Alive" which saw me desperatley trying to turn the ultra literate and intelligent musings of Ken Macleod and Ian McDonald round to the subject of zombie films. Luckily, someone in the audience asked a question about Robocop, so it was all alright in the end.

Thinks: "When are they going to ask me about zombie flesh eaters?"

4pm was "Comics Across the Atlantic" with us and PJ.

5pm was the closing ceremony which was invaded by drunk people (many of whom were, in fact, guests admittedly) and thus went brilliantly.

Pádraig, Leah and Deirdre sitting outside the bar just before the ceremony.

Later that evening all us remaining guests were treated to a slap up Indian meal with the convention staff, all of whom are (as corny as it sounds) truly wonderful, wonderful people.

"But, we've put our coats on now..." Just smile!

MeCon 9 was a really cool convention which we enjoyed wholeheartedly; if you can get up/down/accross to Belfast this time next year then we recommend you attend. We certainly will be.


PS if you attended the con, or if you know of someone else who did, please alert us to any other reports or photo galleries from the event by leaving a comment below. Ta.

M&R Video Interview at

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to be guests at MeCon 9 over in Belfast. We had a fantastic time, met loads of lovely people and drank lots of Guinness (all of which we'll report properly about very soon). Amongst the guests at the con was artist extraordinaire Mister Paul J. Holden who, for some reason, decided to interview Leah and myself. So, here's the interview:


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Puny Earthling #1 Launch

Puny Earthling is a brand new fanzine, compiled and edited by Pádraig Ó Méalóid, which premieres at MeCon in Belfast this weekend.

Full list of contents and contributors:

Front Cover: Leah Moore

1: The World's Getting Smaller: Gerry Hunt

2: King of Australia by Jody MacGregor

3: The Virgin and the Suicide Bomber by Ian Watson

4: Albert & Myrtle: Art by Bolt - 01, Script by Ed Berridge

7: Post-Buffy Fiction? by Juliet E McKenna

9: A Fantasy Fantasy Cricket Eleven by Paul Cornell

10: Cartoons by Brian Caffrey

11: Vodu, Tetrodotoxin, and the Weekly World News: The Truth About Zombies by John Reppion

13: Dark Satanic Mills by Ed Berridge, Illustration by Bryan Coyle

15: Hairpin Hardpush: Words by Ian Whelan, pictures by Alan Nolan

16: Northern Ireland in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Nicholas Whyte

17: Thanks For the Meal, Charlie! By Grolf

18: Stuck in a Moment by Robert Curley

19: Google Explorer: A Warning in Rhyme by Kyle Rogers

20: Medieval Cookery 1: The Whys and Wherefores by Nina Shiel

21: Graphic Novels to Look Out For by Joe Gordon

22: Why YA? by Oisin McGann

23: Chapters From A Scientific Romance by Julian West

Spot Illustrations by Dónal Casey

What? All these big names and it's FREE? I really must have a word with Mister Ó Méalóid over the course of the con; I believe that he may have lost his marbles.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Review (half) written by John on Fractal Matter

Click on the screen shot (above) to visit the Fractal Matter site. Posted by Picasa

A review of Onmibucket's zombie anthology "Brainchild: A Collection Of Artifacts" jointly written by myself and Pádraig Ó Méalóid is now online at