Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See you soon?

This coming Saturday (the 27th of September) we will be appearing at the Golden Orbit sci-fi, comic and card fair in Manchester.

The fair is being held at the SACHAS HOTEL - Tib Street , Piccadilly, Manchester M4 1SH between noon and 4:30 pm.

Also appearing DC & Marvel artist James Hodgkins, promoting his new book Civilians NIL, and the Accent UK guys will be plying their trade their also.

If you're in the neighbourhood please do stop by, we'll be signing and selling Raise the Dead hardbacks (11 page preview HERE) and we'll be only too happy to sign any other stuff (such as Accent UK anthologies) or just have a bit of a gab.

For more info visit


The weekend after that (4th & 5th of October) we'll be at the Birmingham International Comics Show along with the likes of Dave Gibbons, D'Israeli, Mark Buckingham and pretty much everyone else from the comics world you can think of.

We will be signing on Saturday from noon until 1pm accompanied by our old chum and Albion artist/co-creator Shane Oakley.

After that we'll most likely be hanging round the Accent UK table and generally mooching around (somewhere near a bar in all probability).

Of course there's the big launch party on Friday night which we'll definitley be at so maybe we'll see you there first, yeah? Just don't let us get too drunk.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The End is Nigh... again.

The End is Nigh - official magazine of the apocalypse is back! And about time too seeing as we're all about to be turned into stranglets on Wednesday... well, maybe.

You can now download Issue #2 "War" for free as a PDF, and order #3 "The Sky is Falling" online via not no mention keeping abreast of the latest apocalyptic news via

As if all that wasn't enough, you can read EiN editor Mike Molcher's thoughts on the coming apocalypse in this BBC News feature on people's facinations with the end times.

#4 of EiN is coming soon apparently which means that Leah and I should probably start thinking about our contributions...