Thursday, October 19, 2006

The End Is Nigh #4 Submissions

Still disappointed that planes didn't fall out of the sky on January 1, 2000? Still waiting for the angels to whisk you away? Is Armageddon simply geddin' ya down?

Well, if waiting for the End of the World is getting a bit boring, you need THE END IS NIGH! - the official magazine of the apocalypse!

THE END IS NIGH! is on the look-out for contributors for its massive fourth issue – there's going to be a brand new format, more content, and even more 100% apocalyptic action!

And we're flinging the scope for submissions for this issue WIDE OPEN! So if you've got an apocalyptic idea, we want to hear from you! Whether it's based on the next scientific scare story, the latest religious rant about the Rapture, or you've got your own vision of the End of the World, let us know about it!


In past issues, a 'theme' has taken over the whole magazine, this time we're accepting any apocalyptic ideas while also running a special When Nature Runs Amok! supplement. Global warming has never been 'hotter' news and we want to bring our readers the latest news, features and weird stuff about when nature gets its own back! Why not have a play around with:

• global warming (from submerged continents to worldwide draught to the new ice age!)
• pandemic diseases
• apocalyptic natural disasters (from a polar shift to cinsane weather to volcano meltdown!)
• humanity replaced by the next step in evolution (Mutant superheroes? Vampires? Homo superior? Animals taking over? It could happen!)
• Nature versus technology – which will destroy civilisation first?!

But remember – so long as it's about the End of the World, it's in THE END IS NIGH!


THE END IS NIGH!'s success has been built on the hard work of its army of contributors. From comic strip artists to feature and short story writers to people who chuck in the odd joke or two – they all make it the fantastic magazine it is! So why not join their ranks? We're on the look out for the following things:

Comic strips
We need writers and artists for comic strips from one page to six pages in length – get your ideas in print and your work seen by an audience the crosses genres and spans the globe! And don't just go for the easy old ideas – go crazy! After all, it is the end of the world ;)

We need feature writers to explain all the latest, biggest and scariest End of the World scenarios – is there a scary new cult on the apocalyptic map? What's the latest thing scientists are saying will end all life on Earth? What new vision of Armageddon is being preached from the pulpit? What horrors does our planet, our solar system, or our own warped minds have in store for us? All ideas for features up to 1,000 words in length considered!

Spot illustrations
You don't have to do a strip for the next issue – why not let your imagination go mad with some spot illustrations? There will be features that need a visual to grab the reader's attention – your work could bring those words to life! Each issue needs dozens and dozens of images to illustrate our wide range of content. Get the chance to show off with some designs of your own!

The End of the World is no laughing matter – unless you read THE END IS NIGH! Got an apocalyptic gag that you want to share? Well make our readers laugh away their post-Millennial fears with a cartoon. Don't worry if you can't draw – we can put you in touch with artists to bring your sense of humour to the page!

Short stories
A budding Asimov or are you more John Wyndham? Bring your vision of the End of the World to life in your own words. We want to hear your pitches for short stories up to 1,500 words – just send a rough plot to

A whizz with the ol' Photoshop and Illustrator? Get in touch and put your design skills to making the apocalypse happen on every page!

Doomwatch needs you! Remember to keep submitting any news stories you see about the End of the World! Whether it's the latest environmental scare or news of the next asteroid with a one-way ticket for Earth, let us know via OUR BLOG or by visiting OUR FORUM

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea – we can match you with writers or artists who can help bring your work to the page! Just drop us a line, tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll see how you can contribute to the smash hit of the small press scene!

And please don't hesitate to ask if you have an idea, a suggestion or a question to - we're here to help!



Thanks to Asylum and the people of Aberdeen

Thanks to Mike, Captian, Seonaidh (pictured left to right), Marie and everyone else who looked after us and attended the signing. We had a fantastic time and we hope to be back up in Aberdeen sometime in the near future.



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

M & R Signing in Aberdeen this weekend!

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Asylum Books and Games
29 Adelphi
AB11 5BL

Saturday October 14th 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006

WWZ Review on Fractal Matter

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John's review of World War Z by Max Brooks (Duckworth Publishers) is now online at