Thursday, December 28, 2006

THE END IS NIGH! coming to a radio near you!

The End Is Nigh... Again is a one-off Radio Four show presented by Clive Anderson which will be aired on New Year's Eve (Sunday, 31 December) at 1.30pm.

It includes an interview with THE END IS NIGH! editor Mike Molcher about apocalyptic predictions and their growth on the internet.

Make sure you put your feet up and tune in!!

13:30: The End Is Nigh... Again
Grim prophecies about the end of the world, some more scientific than others, have proved almost as enduring as the world itself. Clive Anderson talks to the experts in an attempt to establish how long we might have before catastrophe overwhelms us all.

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Blogs and links and missing months...

Well, here's hoping you all had a very merry Xmas and that you're gearing up for a mental/quiet New Year's celebration (depending on your personal preference) in a few days time.

2006 seems to have been the shortest year of my life so far but, paradoxically, it seems to have been jam packed with stuff too. Leah and I have done more writing this year than ever before and we're due to be doing even more in the coming months (and hopefully for the foreseeable future); it's beginning to sink in that this is actually a viable career and that we might actually be able to keep our heads above water and make a living. Which is nice.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out and supported us over the last twelve months (and the proceeding ones). This obviously includes our families but also our friends and in particular some of the new friends who we have been fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of via our work. Thanks to all the lovely folk who invited us places, let us sleep on their couches, cooked us breakfast, took us to the pub and generally looked after us and treated us like people who do a real job instead of dossers who just make stuff up. Your psychological support should not be underestimated; we need to believe that we are writers and that people are reading the stuff we do in order to grow and continue and you're the people who help to make it all seem a bit more realistic. Cheers.

In amongst all this aforementioned busyness we have neglected to make time to keep on top of updating our links page and our (fairly newly expandable and contractible) Blog Roll; there are loads of cool sites and Blogs that we want to acknowledge and point you towards but we never seem to find the time. New Year's resolution number one: find time to spread the linkage. And I will, starting now...

The multi talented and just plain bloody marvelous chap that is Lew Stringer has just started a Blog over at, why not head over and benefit from his wisdom?

Click on the screenshot (above) to visit Lew's Blog. Posted by Picasa

All the very best for 2007.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Raise the Dead

Yeah, you guessed it... we've got a zombie series coming out! How @*&%ing cool is that?

Coming in March 2007 from Dynamite Entertainment.
Written by Moore & Reppion.
Art by Hugo Petrus.
Covers by Arthur Suydam and Sean Phillips.

Download an exclusive wallpaper here:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Albion TPB Release Dates

There's been a bit of confusion about the dates for the trade (not least because I keep telling everyone that its definitely not out until January 2007) but, having had it explained to me, I'm here to give you the correct info.

The trade will be released through DC on the 20th of December 2006 in the US and a second version will be released through Titan on the 26th of January 2007 here in the UK.

Hope that clears things up, and sorry you Brits won't be getting and Albion annual for Xmas. :(
We've just been sent loads of cool PDFs of all the fantastic extras that are going into the collection and they look ace . ;)

If you live in the US, the UK or anywhere else for that matter, you can pre-order the Albion TPB now through our AMAZON SHOP.


Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day 2006

Click on the screenshot (above) to visit the World AIDS Day site. Posted by Picasa