Friday, January 28, 2005

Out Of Paper.

Alan phoned through his alterations to our script for #2 on Wednesday (mainly puntuation and a couple of extra balloons).
Leah then spent an hour on the phone to her Dad yesterday taking notes on #3. Unfortunatley, the only paper she had to hand at the time was an old envelope.

An envelope yesterday. Posted by Hello

Wild Girl #3 here at last!

Yeehaw we finally got ours through and its really cool. I care not a fig if anyone else liked it i loved it! we are looking forward to issue #4 (we know things that you don't!) if anyone out there is 'waiting for the trade' please don't! as some of you will know the series is not exactly selling well and if everyone waits for the trade there won't be one! if there is no trade then we won't get to do series two...and we will shrivel up and die.....*sniff*

anyway buy it lots


Saturday, January 22, 2005

"By The Skin Of Their Teeth".

Yes, we e-mailed Albion #2 off to Scott and co on Wednesday night and had a pleasant little evening. Thursday afternoon, we switch the PC on and the icons on the screen are so giant that it's impossible to navigate. Safe Mode, Windows repair, re-install, we even went out and bought a new graphics card today.
Does it work? Slightly. Enough to be able to do stuff but it's still basically broken. At least we met our deadline...


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Albion #2 Finished!

Turned our script in 24 hours before our deadline and now we're drinking Margaritas. Result!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Article On FT Site.

My Childe Of Hale article is now on the Fortean Times website:


Not exactly news but hey...

The site is working after a fashion now as you must be aware otherwise how would you be here...

We have locked the board so members can read stuff and guests can't. all this means is that you register and then read stuff as normal. it just means we can see who's looking and keep track on our viewing figures and stuff...give us a break we're bored....

We recieved a jpg of the inked cover of Albion #1....its a beauty I can assure you. there will be no mistaking this little minx on the shelves! (I apologise for horrid calling of a comic a minx btw)

We are nearly done on Albion #2 and at this rate will be able to write our way out of this infernal wet paper bag sometime soon.

If anyone still buys Wild Girl after the slating it got recently they will be amused to learn we have not yet recieved issue three but will do soon...which will be splendid. Buy many of them.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

If It Aint Broke...

...well now it is!
Yeah, the BT Yahoo site seems to have totally fouled up.
(Well done for managing to navigate here without the use of buttons.)
The board is pretty much useless at the moment, again due to the aforementioned lack of buttons.
We really don’t know what the problem is. We'd been getting "error 999" messages whenever we tried to access the site, which apparently means that we were misusing our free web space (no swearing, no selling, no illegal material, no, I don’t know what they think we did either). We've contacted BT but so far now response.
Hopefully, we can get this mess all sorted out soon but we've been a little busy trying to meet our deadlines at the moment so please bear with us.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Albion's coming, it's coming!

Spent about 6 hours today working on the issue and now we're having a little break. We might do a bit of typing later, but if not it'll be back to work first thing tomorrow (I love deadlines, dont you?).


Monday, January 10, 2005

REVIEW: Technical Vocabularies - Alan Moore & Steve Moore

Read john's review of this limited edition self published mini-book HERE.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Look! we don't just spend all our time coding HTML...sometimes i sit and play in photoshop too!

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Internet Sucks Creativity And Time Away From Writers Shock!

Leah and I have managed to spend week 1 of January not doing any actual writing. Instead, we have been staring at these damned computer screens, tearing our hair out, shouting at each other, etc...That's right, we've been working on the Website and its related pages. The Internet is a powerful promotional tool but it's also an a***hole!

We've had some very interesting news today from Scott Dunbier, top secret for now I'm afraid, but stay tuned.
He was also kind enough to give us a deadline for Albion #2, which genuinely pleased me. It's nice to have someone to say "Get on with it!" when your self employed, especially when the Siren that is the Internet is already attempting to lure you onto the digital rocks.

Issue 3 of Wild Girl is in stores now. As usual we haven't got our copies yet, but what little I've seen written about it on the Net has been very positive.

Anyone got that Comic Book Artist yet?


Monday, January 03, 2005

Builth Balkan Crew CD

(first published 30/12/04 on the board)

The Builth Balkan Crew are a voluntary group from Wales (UK) who are trying to improve the living conditions of an orphanage in Ighisul-Nous, Sibiu, Romania .
The children in the orphanage are all victims of HIV and AIDS and need to live in a sanitary and safe environment instead of their current cramped and primitive conditions.
Builth Balkan Crew travelled to Romania at the beginning of November 2004 to draw up the final plans for the extending of the orphanage as well as laying footings and slabbing.

Builth Balkan Crew desperately need to raise money to complete their project and have organised several charity events (some fantastic gigs) in the past for that very reason.
Their latest scheme is to release a CD, all profits from which will go towards the project. Many different artists are contributing tracks and Alan Moore will be amongst them.
Leah has designed the artwork for the front and back covers for the CD itself.

We hope that you will purchase a copy (or 2) yourselves when the CD is released.

Keep an eye on the Builth Balkan Crew site for more details as and when they crop up. But in the meantime please donate!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2005.
Similarly to 2004 I cannot sleep this year and so end up doing a load of internet stuff in the early hours of the morning...which is great news because I've now changed our News page to this lovely Blog.