Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pages...Lots of pages!

We have done half of Albion #3, so that's eleven pages written and typed, we got five or six pages through from Shane and they are just stunning! Dad says they are in his opinion the best yet of Shane Oakley artistry...and that's saying something. The characters...the interiors...the exteriors its all delectable and delightful.
We also got sneaky peek at WG#5 which is even more thrilling and action packed than #4, its amazingly well drawn...wait til you see the JH Williams bit! It's is frame-worthy! (we saw that bit coloured....*drools*)
Also we saw the article which is going into The End Is Nigh that John wrote and I illustrated and the mock up looks ace...It's like a real magazine article and everything *beams proudly*.

so all in all many pages to assimilate...


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