Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Albion # 6 On It's Way.

It's been rather too long coming but we are now ready to start on the script for issue 6.

We had to ensure that all the corrections were...erm, correct for issue 5 and then painstakingly go through all of the past scripts to make sure that we weren't going to miss any loose ends (we've got more than 30 named characters in Albion, all of them with their own already established histories, character traits, allies, enemies, etc).
We wrote a very detailed 3 page breakdown which we then posted to Alan.
From our breakdown Alan wrote an 11 page version which he then tried to post to us. Unfortunately, the lady at the post office told Alan that there was a strike on so he ended up faxing the manuscript to a friend of ours at his work place.
Today we went to see our mate Dave and got the manuscript so now we can start work.



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