Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Albion Six almost half done...again!

We sat and scanned in the printout we had last night and for the first half it was fine worked a charm, the recognition software made it all into text really easily and we were happy bunnies. The other half was printed out badly and then badly written on with notes for dialogue, so what the software did was guess at what it might have been. The result looks like an alien race is trying to contact us, or the partially obscured heiroglyphyics on a tomb somewhere. You can make out the odd word but the rest is a bowl of alphabet soup. While i was wrangling with margins and making sure the dialogue was all spread out neatly, John sat and started typing the rest which we hadnt done yet when the laptop went walkies. this means we are approximately halfway through again now.

We have my lovely sister and brother in law to thank for the speed with which we have got back to work, they have happily built us a giant PC (not stealable now!) which runs faster than anything i've seen and we are very happy with. thank god for computer geeks! ;)

The only other hiccough in our life was putting a hole in the fuel tank of our car while driving across a field on saturday. The plus side of this is that we have to stay home and work work work, the bad side is that we are rapidly running out of food! (dont ask about the field incident, its a whole other story).

The very lovely thing about this week has been that we got to attend two weddings and a 50th birthday (congrats to Lindsay, Rachel, Paola Danny & Desi!) so that balanced the disasters nicely for us. Hopefully this week will be more level, just ordinary would be nice.


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