Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Brighton Expo Essentials

Yes, the Brighton Comic Expo looms large this weekend but since we're not going to be attending we thought we'd give you a few recommendations as to what to buy and whom to see.
  • The 20,000 Leagues lads will be there, all the way from Ireland, flogging the latest Sancho installment "Vampires of Dublin" (three pounds)
    (Sharing the table with Alan and Ian will be Bridgeen Gillespie of Mr.Maximo fame, who will be launching a brand new project. Lots of other Irish goodies worth a glance there as well)

  • The End Is Nigh #2 - War, featuring contributions from too many cool people to mention will be on sale for three pounds and ninety nine pence

  • The Death Camp Jones folks will be there flogging Pony School, Action Stations and other filth for around two pounds a go

  • Future Quake #5 will be on sale for three pound fifty along with its new all Manga spin off publication Manga Quake for two pound fifty

  • Engine Comics will be there flogging Red Eye #5 (three pounds) and tonnes of other great stuff

Lots and lots of cool guests and lots and lots of lovely comics. Should be a good weekend.

Enjoy yourselves!


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