Thursday, August 03, 2006

Puny Earthling #1 Launch

Puny Earthling is a brand new fanzine, compiled and edited by Pádraig Ó Méalóid, which premieres at MeCon in Belfast this weekend.

Full list of contents and contributors:

Front Cover: Leah Moore

1: The World's Getting Smaller: Gerry Hunt

2: King of Australia by Jody MacGregor

3: The Virgin and the Suicide Bomber by Ian Watson

4: Albert & Myrtle: Art by Bolt - 01, Script by Ed Berridge

7: Post-Buffy Fiction? by Juliet E McKenna

9: A Fantasy Fantasy Cricket Eleven by Paul Cornell

10: Cartoons by Brian Caffrey

11: Vodu, Tetrodotoxin, and the Weekly World News: The Truth About Zombies by John Reppion

13: Dark Satanic Mills by Ed Berridge, Illustration by Bryan Coyle

15: Hairpin Hardpush: Words by Ian Whelan, pictures by Alan Nolan

16: Northern Ireland in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Nicholas Whyte

17: Thanks For the Meal, Charlie! By Grolf

18: Stuck in a Moment by Robert Curley

19: Google Explorer: A Warning in Rhyme by Kyle Rogers

20: Medieval Cookery 1: The Whys and Wherefores by Nina Shiel

21: Graphic Novels to Look Out For by Joe Gordon

22: Why YA? by Oisin McGann

23: Chapters From A Scientific Romance by Julian West

Spot Illustrations by Dónal Casey

What? All these big names and it's FREE? I really must have a word with Mister Ó Méalóid over the course of the con; I believe that he may have lost his marbles.


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