Sunday, September 03, 2006

Work Avalanche!!!

Yes, we're suddenly totally swamped with work and work related stuff. So much so that it's hard to know what order we're actually supposed to be tackling everything in. Obviously, this is a good thing but it really makes me wish we still had a second computer (damn you laptop thieves, I haven't forgotten about that twatting I owe you!).

Anyway, some upcoming stuff you might like to know about:

Albion #6 is definitely out on the 27th/28th (US/UK) of this month with a trade to follow in late '06/early '07.

We'll be signing up in Aberdeen at...

Asylum Books and Games
29 Adelphi
AB11 5BL

On Saturday October 14th 2006

And then, two weeks later, we'll be at...

Ashton Memorial,
Williamson Park,

Saturday October 28th 2006.

Also, I'm currently ploughing through...

Max Brooks's eagerly awaited follow-up to The Zombie Survival Guide which isn't actually out here until the 14th of September ("You will be the first person in the UK to get a finished copy of WWZ btw" - Suzannah Rich, Duckworth Publishers. Not bad, eh?).
a review and an interview with Mister Brooks. Both of which will be online ASAP.

Anyway, enough displacement. Back to work!



paulhd said...

World War Z is a cracking read (I'm guessing the proof will be much the same as the finished book cos I didn't spot any errors)
On a zombie note have a look at it's got some lovely pinups (mine on the way soon!)
I'll have to remember to bring one of my copies of Albion to the Ashton comics gig for a signing.

Moore & Reppion said...

Yeah, it's very cool; even better than I expected.

Zombiedollars is a great site, cheers for the link!

See you in October. :)