Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lancaster Con '06 = succcess!

We went over to Lancaster on the Friday evening, thinking that we were being clever by avoiding an early morning drive on the Saturday. In reality, it just meant that we spent Friday night in the pub drinking crazy real ales with Bryan Talbot, Ant Mercer, Shane Chebsy, John Freeman and the like only to have to get up at 7:00 AM to move our car out of a paid car park. Not good.

Once we were sorted (I'm not even going to comment on where we stayed or the peculiarities of our breakfast as Leah has already covered those subjects in lurid detail over on MySpace) it was a bit of a hike to get to the venue. It should have been easy to spot really as it's a couple of hundred feet tall and stands on top of a huge hill but, it was very misty and rainy...

No, it's not a joke, this really is where the con was held.

Inside it was much nicer and, despite the weather, really, really busy.

Robyn Talbot, very nice chap whose name I can't remember (sorry) and the stupidly talented Bryan Talbot who totally wowed us with his comic book presentation.

This was a really brilliant little con; really friendly, free to get in, great guests and a brilliant turn out. Well done to Ant Mercer for getting it all together and cheers to everyone who helped out and or attended.

Next year we're driving up on the Saturday morning mind.


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Colin M said...

Yea totally agree, a great wee event in a stunning location and decent turn out even with the northern rain.

If you want a peek at John n Leah doing their stuff there, see our events page for a nice pic.