Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Interview On FP Blog

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Joe Gordon over at Forbidden Planet was kind enough to invite Leah and I to be his first interviewees of 2007. We don't always Blog about our interviews ('cause it might make us seem a bit self involved... or something...) but the main reason for doing so in this case is the fact that we still haven't got around to Blogging about either the G-Mex Collectormania con or the Bristol Comic con from last year and we bought/were given some cool new comics at both which we've been wanting to namecheck for a while now. Plus, it's quite a cool interview as Joe knows how to get us rambling on and on.

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Joe said...

You've stumbled upon one of my Dark Secrets, that my own ramblings are contagious; monks with a vow of silence run from me miming horror.