Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Post P-Con 4

Last weekend saw the fourth annual Phoenix Convention take place in Dublin, Ireland and I'm happy to report that it was even better than last year's event.

Kim Newman.

2007's guest of honour was Kim Newman and somehow I ended up being the interviewer. Sadly, the dictaphone which I ordered specially to record the interview didn't arrive in time so I haven't actually got any way of transcribing the thing. Anyway, rest assured that it went very well.

John interviewing Kim.

Other guests included the editorial team from Albedo 1, Michael Carroll, Paul Cornell, Raven Dane, George Green, Conor Kostick, Oisin McGann, Juliet E McKenna, Ken MacLeod, Deborah J. Miller, C E Murphy, John W Sexton and Charlie Stross. And there were many, many very enjoyable and informative talks on subjects as varied as "Around the Writer's Block" and "Zombies".

C. E. Murphy and her husband Ted.

Leah and Paul Cornell.

Micheal Carroll, Leonia and Danielle.

There was even an "Alan Moore Show and Tell" curated by our old friend Mr. Pádraig Ó Méalóid which Leah was roped into (as a helper, not an exhibit).

Pádraig showing off.

During a weekend of meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends I was especially pleased to make the acquaintance of Mr. Brian J. Showers whose Swan River Press chapbooks and Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin I now heartily recommend.

All in all we had a fantastic time (for which we thank new P-Con chairman and organiser Frank Darcy) and sincerely hope that we get asked back again in the future.

If you can get over to Dublin in early April (when I believe the con is being held) next year then you should definitely check out P-Con 5 with guest of honour Catie Murphy.



Anonymous said...

Hey Moore & Reppion, a pleasure to meet you at the Dublin convention, however briefly. Well done on a great interview with Kim Newman and congrats on the Zombie gig. Be sure to send us a copy to review! (Which reminds me, I should probably say who I am... Elizabeth McCarthy from Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies.) I hope the knitting is coming along nicely!

Moore & Reppion said...

Cheers Elizabeth, it was very nice meeting you too.

We've been snooping about on by the way and we're very impressed.

Keep up the good work. ;-)