Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lots of things by us out this week!

Witchblade - Shades of Gray #1 came out last week and has been selling fast apparently, which is great to hear.

Reviews here:
and here:

Raise the Dead #1 came out in the US yeasterday and we already have a review:

Savage Tales #1 also came out in the US yesterday too , Also reviewed at :

We have already seen the last page of art for our story in Nevermore by Selfmadehero, we have seen the first four pages of coloured art for our Gene Simmons House of Horrors story, and we have seen lots and lots of beautiful art on the rest of the Witchblade and Raise the Dead issues. to be honest its getting a bit scary.

if you buy any of this stuff then please do come and let me know what you made of it. We always want to know how far off the mark (or how close to it) we have been.


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