Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New comics out now/soon/in the future

Raise the Dead #3 - "Thicker Than Water" came out on the 6th of June and the reaction seems to be very positive so far. We certainly like it anyway. Only one issue to go now; how time flies.

Witchblade - Shades of Gray #2 - "The Enemy of My Enemy" will arrive in shops in the USA tomorrow (the 20th of June) and here in the UK on Thursday (the 21st). Hopefully, the slight delay between the first issue and this one won't have put too many of you off *crosses fingers*.

Savage Tales #2 (featuring part two of our Battle for Atlantis mini) is also out as of tomorrow/Thursday. People seem to be loving this; it's a really old fashioned adventure/sword and sorcery type anthology title and that's obviously something that's very appealing to a lot of readers.

We're currently working on another four issue mini for Dynamite (which we've already turned in the first script for) as well as researching the hell out of a prospective adaptation project for them. Busy as ususal.


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