Thursday, October 04, 2007

Space Doubles #1 in October Previews

Space Doubles is a science fiction series from Th3rd World Studios that features 2 stories per issue, 2 covers ( in flip cover format NO VARIANT NONSENSE), each by a different creative team.

Diamond Order Code# OCT073781

Issue One features our retro styled "Project Obeah" which we wrote way back in early 2006 (if memory serves)
Artist - Jeremy Dale
Cover artist - David Barkmann

Here's a preview (click to enlarge)

The flip side story is entitled "Red Rain"
Writer - Mike Raicht (Marvel MAX Zombie, Deadworld Frozen Over, Savage Tales )
Artist/cover artist - Alecia Rodriguez

Preview pages below (click to enlarge)

Hope lots of people will pick this up as it's going to be great.

Future issues feature the talents of Mike Baron, Dwight MacPherson, Andrew Dabb, Ben Raab, Deric Hughes, Mark Smith, Jason Hall, Justin Robinson, Scott Closter and more!

Diamond Order Code# OCT073781

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