Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nevermore Anthology yet to come

Now then, we believed that the book was officially released on Halloween but it turns out that it was just a launch; the book will be on sale from the 22nd of November.

Self Made Hero have drummed up some fantastic press fro the book too...
"Nevermore and Richard III, new titles published by manga and graphic novel imprint SelfMadeHero, have been selected as two of three 'recommended reads' by The Book Show, presented by Mariella Frostrup on Sky Arts. A special programme on comics and graphic novels goes out on 22nd November, featuring the books."

"[...]the Guardian are running a standalone review of Nevermore this Saturday by Canongate author Michel Faber, so do try and pick up a copy."

We have received our comp copies and it's a great little book. Hope you all enjoy it. :)

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