Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally... it is done.

The latest issue of our current series for Dynamite has taken an age to write, almost two months by my reckoning. Much too long really to excuse, but today we got it finished and off to Dynamite. whew. We totted up our to do list the other day and my god we have a long list, but ticking this one off is a great help.

I have also done a portrait and have four more to do, so they will get squeezed in between the scripts. I am enjoying doing them apart from the sore hand afterwards.

We are making plans for Birmingham and Leeds conventions this year, as to where to stay, what to do and it looks like we are going to have fun whatever happens. Do come along and join in with either of them if you can!

I know the Leeds Thought Bubble gang are still looking for people for the tables and guests to sign and stuff, so if you want to sell there or appear professionally (that sounds so impressive lol) then get in touch via their website.

we might have some news soon about an appearance we are doing next year, but I'll say no more in case it comes to naught (as these things invariably do).


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Edward Kaye said...

Well done guys! It is always hard to get anything done when you have that one on-going project that you just can't seem to finish. In my case it isn't writing sadly, just work projects in general, but I can relate :)