Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out now, coming soon and after that.

Dynamite Entertainment's Savage Tales #10 arrived in shops this week featuring the final part of the second act (got that?) of our micro mini Battle For Atlantis with industry legend Pablo Marcus on art duties. We're very pleased with the story and always really enjoy working on BFA; we've tried to make it as authentically "classic" as we can, as if we were writing for the original Savage Tales back in the 1970s.
Also in this issue: the first part of a brand-new Red Sonya two-parter by Mike Lieb and Diego Bernard, part two of Valaka by Doug Murray and Lui Antonio and part one of a brand new Hercules story by Doug Murray and Fabiano Neves.

You can see preview pages from ST #10 HERE

This issue is part of our £1 sale so, if you haven't picked up a copy yet, head over to and place an order.


Mike Raicht emailed over the lettered pages for our Mike Raicht's Creature Feature story Imago last night and Leah and I were really happy with the finished product. Imago was drawn by the infamous PJ Holden (in his pre-iPhone super-stardom days) and will be published in Creature Feature #2 sometime in late December/early January.
Keep an eye on to make sure you don't miss out!

In the meantime you can order a copy of #1 HERE (if you haven't already got one) and read a review/creator interview HERE


Prior to enjoying possibly the best con ever at Thought Bubble Leeds (proper write up to follow at some point - here are some other people's in the meantime on the 16th of November, we managed to turn in a one shot script for IDW which we are very, very excited about. We're working with an artist whose work we both love and with characters that we honestly never imagined we'd get the chance to write. Less cryptic news to follow ASAP but certain rumourmongers have already hinted at the project so, if you can't wait, get Googling.
[EDIT: see]

In the next week or so we'll be putting the finishing touches to a five part Dynamite Entertainment mini series we've been working on for just on a year now. Each issue has 32 pages of story in it but that doesn't even begin to explain how dense the series is in terms of reference research and the sheer amount of stuff we've had to cram into every panel and page. It's a piece of writing that we're both extremely proud of and we can't wait to be able to talk about it properly and for people to actually read it.

We're almost half way through another five issue Dynamite mini which has some similarities with the one previously mentioned and have quite a few other potential projects on the horizon. 2009 is already looking like a very busy year.

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