Monday, January 03, 2005

Builth Balkan Crew CD

(first published 30/12/04 on the board)

The Builth Balkan Crew are a voluntary group from Wales (UK) who are trying to improve the living conditions of an orphanage in Ighisul-Nous, Sibiu, Romania .
The children in the orphanage are all victims of HIV and AIDS and need to live in a sanitary and safe environment instead of their current cramped and primitive conditions.
Builth Balkan Crew travelled to Romania at the beginning of November 2004 to draw up the final plans for the extending of the orphanage as well as laying footings and slabbing.

Builth Balkan Crew desperately need to raise money to complete their project and have organised several charity events (some fantastic gigs) in the past for that very reason.
Their latest scheme is to release a CD, all profits from which will go towards the project. Many different artists are contributing tracks and Alan Moore will be amongst them.
Leah has designed the artwork for the front and back covers for the CD itself.

We hope that you will purchase a copy (or 2) yourselves when the CD is released.

Keep an eye on the Builth Balkan Crew site for more details as and when they crop up. But in the meantime please donate!

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