Saturday, January 08, 2005

Internet Sucks Creativity And Time Away From Writers Shock!

Leah and I have managed to spend week 1 of January not doing any actual writing. Instead, we have been staring at these damned computer screens, tearing our hair out, shouting at each other, etc...That's right, we've been working on the Website and its related pages. The Internet is a powerful promotional tool but it's also an a***hole!

We've had some very interesting news today from Scott Dunbier, top secret for now I'm afraid, but stay tuned.
He was also kind enough to give us a deadline for Albion #2, which genuinely pleased me. It's nice to have someone to say "Get on with it!" when your self employed, especially when the Siren that is the Internet is already attempting to lure you onto the digital rocks.

Issue 3 of Wild Girl is in stores now. As usual we haven't got our copies yet, but what little I've seen written about it on the Net has been very positive.

Anyone got that Comic Book Artist yet?


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