Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Spider - King of Crooks, Titan Hardback

Released 24th June 2005 • Hardback • £14.99 • ISBN: 1-84576-000-X

Cover by Garry Leach Posted by Hello

"Fresh from the Silver Age vault of classic British comics, and perfectly timed for his fortieth birthday, comes arch-criminal and twisted mastermind THE SPIDER! Bursting onto the pages of Lion back in the 60s, The Spider was a breath of foul air in a world of four-color good guys and square-jawed heroics. Imagine a villain equipped with an amazingly versatile exoskeleton and the brains to match… one with ambitions to become the Kingpin of Crime. Now meet the Spider!"

Read the Titan press release in full here:

(We might have a few advance copies of this splendid book to give away soon. Watch this space.)


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