Saturday, April 16, 2005

Wild Girl #6 Out 27th April 2005.

We got our boxes of issue 6 yesterday and it was a weird feeling. It's pretty much two years since we started work on the series and practically a year since we finished writing it, but seeing it finished at last is both wonderful and kind of upsetting.
We're both agreed that we still really like the series. The pacing was very different to other comics and that was something that people seemed to really have a problem with, but we feel that read as a whole it all makes sense.
We've learned a lot about writing and working in the comics industry through doing the series and we really hope that people have enjoyed reading it.
Big thanks to Shawn McManus, J H Williams III, Andrew Pepoy and everyone else who worked on Wild Girl.



Koala Mentala said...

When will it be collected?

Moore & Reppion said...

We're not getting a collected edition because sales were not good enough. :(