Saturday, May 28, 2005

Still plowing through all those comics...

Yes, we still haven't finished reading everything we grabbed at Bristol (How long ago was that? What, really?) but here are the details of a few of them which you might like to check out yourself:

Sunny For Girls (£3.00)
Solar Wind/House Of Fright (£3.00)
OmniVistaScope (£?)

All of which are splendid and can be ordered at

Sancho's Last Case (£2.50)
The Early House (£1.00)

Irish supernatural comedy from

One Last Time (£2.50)

Graeme Neil Reid's collected work 1991-1999

Springheeled Jack III (£?)

Latest installment from Dave Hitchcock

Future Quake # 4 (£4.50)

The End Is Nigh #1 (£3.50)

Doomlord (£5.00)


Pony School (£2.00)


Mothman About The House (£0.50)

Oh, and volumes 1 & 2 of Strangehaven which are bloody amazing! (

I'm sure I've missed loads out...


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Anonymous said...

There's a third volume of Strangehaven due this summer, too. Must check out a load of those comics. It'd be really handy if there was some way I could buy them all centrally, rather than have to pay for postage to Ireland on all of them individually...