Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Shane Oakley's Albion.

We got another package of photocopied pages through from Shane the other day and he continues to astound and amaze us. There are so many rich visual references and so much detail, it's going to keep any self respecting UK comics fanboy drooling for many a happy hour.

It's no exaggeration to say that without Shane Albion would not exist.
Oakley was supposed to be doing a strip with Alan in Tomorrow Stories but that fell through so the pair we're looking for a project to collaborate on.
Shane had been sniffing round trying to find who owned the rights to all the old UK comic characters but thought he'd hit a dead end when he found out that IPC retains copywrite and is now a member of the AOL Time Warner corporation.
However, DC are also a part of AOL TW and so Alan had a word with Scott Dunbier and wrote a proposal for Albion. The proposal was accepted and we were offered the job of writing the whole thing.
So you see; without Shane Alan Moore wouldn't be involved and without Alan we wouldn't be involved.
I suppose it's possible that DC and IPC would have done the deal anyway and we might still be having a British Comics Revival plotted, written and drawn by different people...What a scary thought though eh?
Therefore: since he will be unable to attend this coming weekends Bristol Comics Expo due to his torturous work schedule, I propose we raise a glass to Shane Oakley the man who made Albion possible.

For more news about the Albion pre launch stuff happening this weekend check out:


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