Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bristol Comics Expo 2006

We had a very good time at Bristol this year, so much so that the con just seemed to fly by (not that it usually drags or anything).

This was the first year that we've ever had our own table in the main hall and it showed us a totally different side to the festival; one which involved sitting down (which always helps with the hangover).

The Expo was the fourth con we've done in so many months so it was also kind of the "last gig" on our little tour (which took us to Manchester, Dublin and Copenhagen previously).

We were stationed next to the Control Arms table and did our best to try to get people to take part in the Million Faces Petition. You should even be able to see our contributions (and all of those made over the weekend) in their fully searchable Gallery very soon.

We were flogging Albions #1 to #5 plus signature cards (signed by us and Dave Gibbons) for £2.50 a pop and managed to raise a grand total of £130 for Oxfam (which will also go towards the Control Arms Campaign).

Our good friends from Accent UK were there (Dave West and Leon Hewitt pictured) flogging there wares.
Their Monsters Anthology (in which Leah and I achieved our dream of working with Dave Hitchcock for the first time) seemed to be selling very well on Saturday but, I supect, that their sales might have been even better on Sunday after Dave won a well deserved Eagle Award for his fantastic series Springheeled Jack.

All in all it was pretty much the best Bristol con we've ever been to.
We had a brilliant time and got to hang about with tonnes and tonnes of cool folks like Paul Cornell, Matt Timson, Dave Gibbons, Paul Scott, Oliver Redding and Mary, Al Davison, Al Nolan and Ian Whelan, Andrew Sumner, Boo and Gemma Cook (in a kind of constantly running past each other and saluting way), Al Ewing, the mighty Lew Stringer, etc, etc, etc

Thanks to everyone who made this year so special (an apologies to the many whose names I've missed out).
Shall we say, same time again in 2007?

A few random images from the con.

Colin Mathieson, Leah and the award winning Mr. Hitch (congratulations Dave).

Barry Renshaw of Engine Comics and Voodoo Macbeth creator Norris Burroughs.

Lorenzo of Studio Blink Twice hard at work.

Mike Molcher of The End Is Nigh and one of his boyz in full effect...or something.

The Future Quake / Death Camp Jones crew. Would you buy a comic from these people?

Everyone always says what a nice bloke Gary Millidge is but Chris Staros knows the truth and now so do you.

The collage that the ridiculously talented Borin Van Loon did for us.
What the hell do you mean you dont know who he is? Get over to his site now!

I'll follow this post up with one about all the cool comics and mags we managed to grab at a later date as it's taken me all bloody day to do this one.

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arni beck said...

You musta done something to piss Gary off if he's doing that :รพ
Looks like you lot had a blast, woulda been nice being there, but I guess I'll just settle for coming in 3rd in the sports thing I was at instead :)

Moore & Reppion said...

Yeah, we had a brilliant time in Bristol.
It was probably the hassling Mr. Millidge for a sketch that enraged him so much. He still did us one though. ;)

arni beck said...

Yeah, he's infamous for not doing sketches unless given loads of time. I'm lucky enough to have 2 :)

Richmond A Clements said...

Would you buy a comic from these people?

No I bloody would not!
Hold on... I get 'em for free!