Saturday, May 06, 2006

Copenhagen International Comics Festival 2006

We had a fantastic time in Copenhagen last weekend rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gilbert Shelton, José Villarubia, Peter Snejbjerg, Jason, Andrew Wildman, Simone Lia and Hugleikur Dagsson (to name but a few).

The convention was easily the best we've ever been to and other event organisers should get in touch with Kim Jensen, Jan Robert Andersen and company to learn a few things about con running.

Thanks to everyone who we met, hung out with and got far too drunk with.

If you'll have us back we'll be there!

(click on the images below to enlarge them)

Jan delivering his speech at the reception on friday.

Colin, Leah and Chris behind the Accent UK table.

Leah and me ready to sell, sell, sell!!!

Steve Bissette being interviewed.

Marv Wolfman getting a grilling.

Teddy Kristiansen and Warren Ellis answering a few questions.

Hugleikur Dagsson signing copies of the sick filth he peddles as entertainment.

José Villarubia signing and sketching.

the con in full swing.


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