Saturday, July 08, 2006

Accent UK's "Zombies" Coming In '07

Yes, next year's Accent UK anthology is going to be all about the shambling, rotting, flesh hungry undead. Lovely!

Leah and I have already signed up to do another story with Eagle award winning artist Dave Hitchcock after the success of our last collaboration.

Other confirmed contributors for the book include:

Colin Matheson
Dave West

Indio (Zarjaz)
Andrew Cheverton & Tim Keable (West)
Ben Dickson (Falling Sky)

Plus there's the very real possibility of a Steve Bissette cover. Nice!

The book should be out in time for 2007's New York Comic Con so eveything's got to be fit to print by this coming January.

If you're interested in contributiing to the book why not visit the Accent UK website and drop the guys an email? The worst they can say is "no thanks", right?

Otherwise, just rub your grubby hands in anticipation at the forthcoming re-animated corpse fest that will be Accent UK's "Zombies".


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