Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July Is British Comics Month For Forbidden Planet

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Dear readers, did you know that the fine summer month of July (we can tell it is summer in Scotland – the rain is warmer) is officially British Comics Month? No, you hadn’t heard? Ah well, that may be because we just decided it the other day! Wouldn’t it be good to celebrate British comics? And use it a springboard to try and represent more on our webstore and blog, especially the Indy titles?


We’re also making an effort to talk to independent British comics creators to see if we can work with them, list their titles on our webstore, help them promote their work. If you went into many comics stores - including Forbidden Planet International you could be forgiven for thinking the British comics scene is a pretty narrow affair. There is a world we hope to open up to you consisting of small marts and conventions, people making and swapping comics, those producing webcomics - some searching for stardom some just scratching an itch. For many of these creators money isn’t the main reason for their work and so they often fall below the commercial radar of books and comics sellers. We hope to develop strong ties with this world and give you an insight into some unique comics visions - and you might just spot a new star in the making. As we start to add more titles to the site of course we’ll tell you about it right here on the blog it will be as much an adventure for us as yourselves.



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