Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blog Buddies 2

After two consecutive weekends of out of town comic related events and considerable liver damage, I thought it was about time I paid tribute to some more of our talented peers, all of whom just happen to be people we've bumped into recently.

Adam Cadwell is one of those enviably talented chaps who manages to find time to put out an (almost) twice weekly webcomic whilst running a sucessful commercial art company called DRAW in Manchester. On top of that his art is fantastic and his story telling subtle and witty. Makes you sick doesn't it?

We were lucky enough to come back from BICS with a copy of The Everyday Collection One which collects the first 50 Everyday strips into one volume. You can get your copy now for just £5 (+ P&P) at www.adamcadwell.com and we heartily recommend that you do so.

Keep up to date with what's happening in Mr. Cadwell's busy life over at http://cadwell.livejournal.com

Adam and other members of the Manchester Comix Collective were plying their wares at last weekend's con but, sadly, one of their number who wasn't able to stick around for unwisely heavy drinking afterwards was Mr. Chris Doherty whose work you might well recognise from the Accent UK anthologies.

Chris's site http://bittersweetfatkid.info is home to his ongoing GN project Video Nasties and more recently has become home to The House of the Holy Flesh Eaters.

In Mr. Doherty's own words -

A zombie nunsploitation epic from 1976. Let this loose synopsis whet your appetite:

When the purehearted sister Elizabeth Collingwood transferred to Bathgate Convent, there was nothing in Heaven that could have prepared her for what she would discover..

Will she have the strength to make it through her first night? Can she leave the sinister village of Bathgate with the same innocence and purity with which she entered?

Keep an eye on http://bingogasstation.livejournal.com to see what Chris is up to.


Andy Bloor was another chap whose visit to BICS was all too brief. Andy is a professional graphic designer and valued member of the Accent UK team responsible not only for logos, design and layout but also for the beautiful yet horrific artwork on The Wolfmen and The Wolfmen II - Fall of The Wolfmen (coming from AUK in 2009).

We were lucky enough to work with Andy on a story for the 2008 AUK anthology Robots called The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo. If you don't already own a copy of Robots you can order one online now for £8.50 from http://www.accentukcomics.com.

Mr. Bloor also collaborated with Kieron Gillen on a tale entitled Robot for the aforementioned anthology and will be contributing to the forthcoming Phonogram 2.

Don't forget to keep checking http://andrewbloor.blogspot.com for regular updates.


Cadwell said...

Wow, thanks for the kind words, John, and for linking to every single site that I have! I'm glad you enjoyed the collection, the 2nd one is coming soon.

Andy Bloor said...

Thanks for the mention guys - I was an absolute pleasure to work with you both on Robots.

Hope to see you at the Borders signing :)