Sunday, October 26, 2008

A message from our sponsor... sort of...

As regular readers may already be aware, Asylum Books and Games is a shop in Aberdeen run by the infamous Tequila Mike; a thoroughly lovely chap who, at every major UK comic convention, furnishes us with all the latest in awful zombie comics as well as keeping us up to date with the likes of Elephantmen and The Goon. We're shockingly bad at picking up monthlies so Mike's efforts, and those of his dedicated staff, are greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry to say that we only had quite a brief drink and a chat with Mike and his orderlies (or are they inmates?) on the Saturday night at Birmingham. My liver, however, thanks me for the fact.

You can find Asylum Books and Games at

29 Adelphi
AB11 5BL

Telephone: 01224 574637 Fax: 01224574637


Or visit the website at

Look out for in store signings and appearances and hopefully Leah and myself will get back up there in the new year.

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Ella Rose said...

I remember seeing this shop and some occult grafitti next to the entrance. It made my otherwise dull day amazing!