Friday, March 17, 2006

P-Con III - Tales Of A Long Weekend In Dublin: Saturday

Saturday morning: We missed the opening ceremony and arrived too late for Leah to take part in the "Just A Minute" quiz because of heavy traffic on the way to the con.
We basically hung about for a couple of hours chatting to various people, reading comics and buying books.

From the 20,000 Leagues stand we picked up:

A grand little tale of revenge accross the generations produced in partnership with Rad Comics.


Issue 2 of Sancho, which is even better than #1 (of you can believe that).

The back of the issue bears the above quote from some pair of little known comics folk. Some people will endorse anything I suppose.

At 13:00 I was lucky enough to attend a screening of "Loving The Alien" a short film about UFOs and UFO culture by Ronan Gallagher.
They even stuck me on the panel afterwards with Ronan and Frank Darcy which was loads of fun and very interesting.
Ronan is a fantastic film maker with a really down to earth and honest approach to even the most weird and wonderful of subjects. I am reliably informed that his new website should be up an running soon so keep an e-eye out for it.

14:00: Susanna Clarke's big interview, which was fascinating enough to make us buy "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" as soon as we got home.

16:00: Charity auction, which went fantastically well thanks to John W. Sexton's unparalleled compering skills.

17:00: How To Break Into the American Comics Market panel, with us, Bob Byrne, Paul Cornell and John Hendrick. I believe the conclusion was "don't bother".

19:00: Nice meal in the hotel restaurant.

(Clockwise round the table: Pádraig, Michael aka captainlucy, Deirdre, Paul, Juliette, Colin, Susanna, Caroline, Leah and some big fat bloke)

20:30: Table quiz. On our team were Paul Cornell, Caroline Symcox and Colin Greenland.

We won!



Colin said...

We won! We did - thanks to the presence of people who know where the Addams Family live, and the name of Richard Beckinsale's character in "Rising Damp".

Next year we must bring someone who can do Fahrenheit to Centigrade in their head.

Moore & Reppion said...

Agreed. :-)
Now, how does that Pi thing go again?
"Can I have a large, not pot...cafetiere of coffee please".
Hooray! We'll be unstoppable.

JHWW said...

This would be less bitter if we hadn't been announced as the winners.

We did have someone supernumerate on our team. He could do pi, fahrenheit, and number of times Shwarzenegger spoke in Terminator.