Saturday, March 18, 2006

P-Con III - Tales Of A Long Weekend In Dublin: Sunday

12:00: Is It About a Bicycle? Flann O’Brien: Ireland’s Master Storyteller
With Leah, Pádraig and Nicholas Whyte. Which went very, very well despite Leah's having only re-read half of The Third Policeman in preperation.

14:00: Comics Are the New Black,Graphic Novels Are the New Rock’n’Roll
With Leah and myself and Bob Neilson. Very interesting and much less pessimistic than Saturday's comics panel.

15:00: The Other Inkling: C S Lewis
With Susanna Clarke, Caroline Symcox and Colin Smythe. Proved very fascinating indeed.

16:00 SF & F Pictionary
The boy's team won (thanks largely to my expert rendering of "Wind In The Willows" I think).

After the raffle came the closing ceremony which was very moving as Mr. Pádraig Ó Méaloid announced his retirement from con running and handed the reigns of P-Con over to Mr. Frank Darcy. A few tears were shed but it was genrally a fittingly happy end to a fantastic convention.

Deirdre, Fluffcthulhu and Leah after the ceremony.

Fluffcthulhu, Leah and Juliet.

Leah, Susanna, Pádraig and Brian in the lobby before we left for an Indian meal.



Pádraig said...

The nice man on the CS Lewis panel was Smythe, who is, amongst other things, Terry Pratchett's agent, and my literary hero. Juliette is actually Juliet, and Fluffcthuluh is actually Fluffcthulhu (those Elder Gods get picky about these things...)

Other than that, top marks, Mr Reppion!

Myself and Brian look like thugs in that last picture, though. Still, the camera never lies.

Moore & Reppion said...

Must you point out all my errors?

I had a bit of bother getting this post online and had to rewrite and genrally muck about with it for ages.

That's my excuse. :P

Anyway, I've fixed all that now. Ta

Pádraig said...

Yes, sorry, just being a pedantic git.