Monday, March 20, 2006

P-Con III - Tales Of A Long Weekend In Dublin: Monday

On Monday Pádraig and Deirdre were kind enough to take us on a walking tour of Dublin despite being knackered from the con and an early awakening by cats.

The statue of the late great Phil Lynott on Harry Street.

Bloody tourists.

"I don't care how full of Hare Krishna food you are. Walk faster you English eejit!"

The amazing statue of Oscar Wilde in Archbishop Ryan Park.

After wandering around, discovering that most Museums in Dublin are closed on a Monday (who knew?) and eating cake we met up with Brian and a lovely lady called Bob. After eating a lovely Korean meal (yes, lots of eating; mine was a big bamboo thing full of seafood) we all headed of to the preview screening of V For Vendetta but, that's another story.

Back at Pádraig & Deirdre's house later that night...

"Just take the bloody photo will ya?"

"Arrgh! The flash!"

All in all we had an absolutley wonderful time in Dublin; everyone made us feel very welcome and looked after us brilliantly. P-Con was fantastic (and will be again next year) and we'll be heading back over to Ireland as soon as we have an excuse.
Hugest possible thanks to everyone and especially to Pádraig, Deirdre, Ian and Nicola.

(Note: Blogger has been behaving weirdly for the last couple of days and won't let me upload our final picture from Dublin at the moment so I'll sneak that last little gem in at a later date.)


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