Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dynamite say: "No Reprints"

"Dynamite currently does not have plans to offer second prints of either issue, but does encourage retailers to check their orders on subsequent issues - and fans to reserve their copies as well. Issue #2 for Raise the Dead shipped this past Wednesday (5/2/07) and issue #2 of Savage Tales (MAR073340) is being prepped for shipping later this month." - originally reported by Matt Brady on Newsarama, (and thankyou Danielle for pointing us to it! :D )

I don't know if this is good news or bad news really, i imagine that it means there will be a trade paperback, which is always nice, but it might mean if you missed the first one that you'll have to scour Ebay for a copy. If you want to send the chaps at Dynamite a link to a review you've done, or you want to ask them about the trade, or ask what merchandise will be available, you can do all that and more by emailing

We are currently working on a small eight page story for an Image Anthology, which we are very excited about, and then we're starting on the next mini for Dynamite. Its all go at the moment!

we are sadly not going to be able to make it down to the Bristol comics convention this weekend, we have been the last four years in a row, but this year we have a family wedding to attend, so anyone who does go, have a pint for us!

We have just seen the pencils of the the first four pages of Battle for Atlantis part three, and they look great. I'll miss writing those zany Atlanteans! ;-)


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