Monday, May 28, 2007

John in SteamPunk Magazine #2

SteamPunk Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to promoting steampunk as a culture, as more than a sub-category of fiction. It is a journal of fashion, music, misapplied technology and chaos. And fiction.
It just may be the most spectacular magazine to ever fight against the spectacle, and it is free. Or as cheap as we can possibly get it to you. Using the latest in Creative Commons technology, we undermine the fascism of copyright while protecting ourselves from direct co-option."

Issue two is entitled "A Journal of Missaplied Technology"


Uhrwerk: The Incredible Steam Band by John Reppion
Mining Medusa by Donna Lynch
Unbound Muscle by The Catastrophone Orchestra
An Unfortunate Engagement (part two) by G.D. Falksen
Yena of Angeline (part two) by Margaret P. Killjoy

I-Wei Huang - contraptor extraordinaire

To Electrocute An Elephant - how Edison killed a century on Coney Island
Steam Gear - a fashionable approach to the lifestyle
The Lady Artisan’s Apron - how to sew this functional, fashionable piece
The Pennyfakething - how to build an ingenious bicycle
A Steampunk’s Guide to Body Hair - how to find the hairstyle that suits you best
O Coal, You Devil - the environmental impact of coal
A History of Misapplied Technology - exploring the history of the steampunk genre
Earth Sea & Sky - an excerpt from an antiquated book of natural science

SteamPunk magazine #2 can be downloaded for free (in various , differently sized PDF documents) here

Or a printed copy can be ordered for just $3 (+ P&P) here

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