Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Raise the Dead #2 out today!

Raise the Dead #2 - "The Road to Hell" arrives in shops across the USA today (UK tomorrow).

So far, people seem to be really enjoying the series and we're very happy with the reviews we've read. Some people are trying to put it down a bit, saying that it's "just another zombie book" but they almost always then go on to say that, for a genre book, it's solid, well drawn, well written and works really well. We couldn't ask for more really; we never set out to re-write the book on zombies, we just tried to do the best zombie series we could and we're pretty proud of how it's come out. That's thanks in no small part to our fantastic artist Hugo Petrus of course and our colourist Ivan Nunes. Cheers guys.

You can check out six preview pages from the new issue over on now.

Make sure you get your copy early, the last issue sold out remember. ;-)


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